Sean Bean Stabbed in London Bar

sean beanHe has played an invader of Gondor, the slayer of Sir Arthur, and the mightiest of the Greek gods. Sean Bean has proven that, onscreen, he can exemplify badass. But surely, no man among us can live up to this mammoth stature of pure grandeur.

No man indeed. Sean Bean has proven, once and for all, to be beyond human.

On Sunday night, Bean was enjoying drinks at a bar in North West London with topless model April Summers. At one point, the two were standing outside smoking cigarettes, when an unidentified man began insulting Summers. Bean reacted angrily, but there were no reports of violence at this time. Later in the evening, Bean returned outside for another cigarette and was attacked and stabbed, reportedly with a broken glass, by the man. In addition to this attack on Bean’s arm, he also suffered injuries to the face.

But that’s not where the insanity comes in. After notifying the police, Bean refused to visit a hospital, or to endure any medical treatment beyond utilization of the bar’s first aid kit. Furthermore, he decided to remain in the bar, and ordered another drink.

This unbelievable story trumps any adventure through Middle Earth. The great tragedy of the ordeal is that nothing Bean does onscreen will ever impress me again, as I’ll always be thinking how much more he’s really capable of.

Source: Daily Mail