Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ ‘Downton Abbey’ Parody ‘Downton Diddy’ Is Dreadfully Unfunny

 Credit: Funny Or Die

The site is called Funny or Die, and I wish the latter would happen to Sean ‘Puffy Diddlers’ Combs’ video parody ‘Downton Diddy,’ which was released last night. First he tried to punk the entire world by sending out an erroneous tweet saying that he was joining the cast for Season 4. PBS, which airs Downton Abbey in the US, quickly denied that he would be on the program. So what was his project? Just the video below where Diddy uses some fancy CGI to insert himself into key scenes from the first three seasons of the Melrose Place in a manor house. 

It’s not very funny. Well, the premise is funny, and it’s cute for about 30 seconds, but the video is four minutes long. There is an introduction and an outroduction (is that what its called when someone talks at the end of the movie?) and Diddy calls it “Downtown Abbey” like 20 times — 19 of which are grating and one of which would have been mildly amusing if your mom didn’t call it that the first time she heard about it on NPR. In this case, Diddy’s prank on the press was way better than the content it actually created. 

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