Sean Joyce


Visual Effects & Animation (9)

Howard the Duck 1986 (Movie)

matte artist(ILM visual effects unit) (Matte Painter)

Labyrinth 1986 (Movie)

painted matte artist(ILM) (Matte Painter)

Star Trek IV 1986 (Movie)

matte artist (Matte Painter)

The Golden Child 1986 (Movie)

matte artist(ILM) (Matte Painter)

Enemy Mine 1985 (Movie)

matte paintings artist (Matte Painter)

The Jupiter Menace 1981 (Movie)

matte artist (Matte Painter)

Animalympics 1980 (Movie)

animation assistant (Effects Assistant)

The Lord of the Rings 1978 (Movie)

key animator (Animator)

By Dawn's Early Light (TV Show)

Matte Painter
Art Department (4)

The Notebook 2004 (Movie)

Allie Paintings (Painter)

The Witches of Eastwick 1987 (Movie)

matte painting artist(ILM) (Art Department)

Explorers 1985 (Movie)

matte artist assistant (Art Assistant)

La Pastorela (TV Show)

Storyboard Artist
Actor (1)

Minnie and Moskowitz 1971 (Movie)

Ned (Actor)
Other (2)

My Bloody Valentine 2009 (Movie)


The Mothman Prophecies 2002 (Movie)