Sean Patrick Flanery

Actor, Waiter
Easygoing, all-American and athletic, Sean Patrick Flanery was a natural choice to star in "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" (ABC, 1992-93), a role he would reprise over the course of his busy career in a string of ... Read more »
Born: 10/10/1965 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA


Actor (66)

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Easygoing, all-American and athletic, Sean Patrick Flanery was a natural choice to star in "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" (ABC, 1992-93), a role he would reprise over the course of his busy career in a string of made-for-TV and direct-to-video sequels. Despite the controversy surrounding director Victor Salva, Flanery notched his biggest dramatic showcase as a supernaturally gifted, ultra-sensitive albino in "Powder" (1995). Famous to a particular generation, Flanery booked roles in "Suicide Kings" (1997), "Simply Irresistible" (1999) and "The Boondock Saints" (1999) as well as on "Stephen King's Dead Zone" (USA Network, 2002-07), but frequently appeared in lower-profile genre projects, including the horror schlock "KAW" (Sci Fi Channel, 2008) and "Mongolian Death Worm" (Syfy, 2010). He notched a flashy supporting turn as a duplicitous self-help author undone by his lies in "Saw 3-D" (2010) and joined the cast of "The Young and the Restless" (CBS, 1973- ). Although never quite achieving mainstream stardom, Flanery built an impressively lengthy career and a devoted group of fans who enjoyed his eclectic professional range.


University of St Thomas

Houston , Texas 1988
initially focused on law within the business major; switched to drama



Co-starred with Melina Kanakaredes and JoBeth Williams in "Into the Fire"


Starred in "D-Tox," opposite Sylvester Stallone and Charles S. Dutton


Starred in the short-lived UPN series "The Strip"


Had featured role in "Body Shots"


Co-starred in "Suicide Kings"


Feature film debut in the title role of "Powder"


Starred in "Young Indiana Jones and the Hollywood Follies", the first of a series of 2-hour Indiana Jones movies on the Family Channel


Starred in "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" on ABC-TV


Cast as the 16-year-old Indiana Jones in the TV series "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles"


Flew to London for four months of rehearsal before shooting began


Moved to Houston, Texas at age three (date approximate)

Worked as a waiter while appearing in theater and looking for acting jobs

Acquired a commercial agent

Appeared in three simultaneously running national ads for Kelloggs, McDonald's, and the National Milk Board ("Milk Does a Body Good")

Found an agent and lined up a role as a "football-stud heavy" in "Just Perfect", a TV-movie made for the Disney Channel

Appeared in another Disney Channel TV movie, "My Life As a Babysitter"

Traveled to Los Angeles after leaving the University of St Thomas

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The initial shooting of "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" took nearly a year to complete since all the filming was done on location in such farflung locales as England, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Germany, Africa and Moscow. Consequently, although Flanery reported to London for rehearsals in the spring of 1991, the show did not premiere until March 1992.


"There's a lot more adolescence apparent in my character, and he's a lot more naive than Harrison Ford's character," Sean explains. "But as far as mannerisms and gestures, that's the stuff that I really tried to copy from Ford, like the way he puts his hat on or the way he wears it around girls, the way he cracks the whip--everything. I tried to emulate that as close as possible or incorporate that in my character. I just wrapped it all up and used what I could."(From The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: On the Set and Behind the Scenes by Dan Madsen)


"I spent two months in preproduction taking horseback-riding lessons," he continues. "I got pretty good. I did all kinds of trick riding, you know, standing up in the saddle, jumping on the horse from a full gallop, running next to it, jumping on, jumping off, jumping back on, jumping over cliffs--I mean, all kinds of stuff. I learned a lot about stunts. How to do stunts, how to do falls, how to do punches. What the camera reads as opposed to what really looks like a punch. Gee, I took Spanish lessons. I've learned all kinds of languages from Arabic to Greek, Italian, Ancient Greek, German, French. I've even taken some piano lessons and some nautical lessons."(From The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: On the Set and Behind the Scenes by Dan Madsen)