See Anne Hathaway and James Franco’s Mini ‘Grease’ Featurette

There have been many a debate regarding James Franco between my fellow celeb writer, Hannah Lawrence, and I here at the offices. Just a few days ago, she proudly “@fuck you’d” him on Twitter because his millions of jobs and constant awesomeness annoy the shit out of her. I on the other hand, never cease to be amazed by his life as a spectacle, because that’s truly what it is. Usually, I start to get really tired of all this Oscar promotion bullshit by the time the last week of February rolls around, but I’m actually really looking forward to all these silly little commercials. Hell, I’ll halt my whole day just to watch a two minute video of him doing whatever he damn well pleases; he could be getting a haircut, Windexing his bathroom mirror, singing some original music with some dude in a wig, threatening to kill people on a soap opera, or sitting there laughing like a maniac and I’d gobble up EVERY LAST SECOND. But some of us aren’t so jazzed — erm, Hannah — and that’s okay, but if you’re as Francnotised as I am (yay, made-up words!) then when you see this video you’ll probably shed one of those single, sparkly, artistic tears that people do in French movies when they’re really moved by something short and sweet and totally vague.

From the looks of it, Franco and his Oscar co-host Anne Hathaway have prepared a little video for the Oscars that includes them reenacting the final song from Grease and Franco has put together his own little featurette to capture the fun of it all — I mean, the ART of it all, of course. You probably missed this, because while he’s everywhere, including on Twitter, James likes to keep an air of mystery about him, so he just tweets out links with absolutely no context (WHICH ISN’T ANNOYING AT ALL) and you’d better hope you’re online when something like this pops up because there will be no later indication that it ever existed. But I’m sure that’s exactly how he meant it to be, right? Okay, to be honest, I don’t know if he’s for real or not and I don’t care. Screw it. Enjoy.

Source: James Franco’s Twitter