See Jane Lynch’s Funny Trailer for Her Upcoming Book ‘Happy Accidents’

We can always count on Jane Lynch to give us a good laugh. Whether it’s playing a sly, vengeful cheerleading coach on the widely popular show Glee or self-promoting her new book in a Barnes & Noble store, we just can’t get enough of Lady Lynch. This trailer just hit the web, promoting Lynch’s upcoming memoir, Happy Accidents and like everything this woman does, it’s highly amusing. After finding only one copy of her book on an empty self by the restroom in Barnes & Noble, Lynch makes it her mission to display her book throughout the store in as many ways as possible.

From strategically placing a copy in one customer’s out-stretched hands, to setting a it on top of another customer’s purchases during checkout, Lynch pulls out all the stops in trying to make her the presence of  her book known to the public (or at least the people in that particular store). She even goes so far as to place her book in the Fictional Bestsellers section and when someone comments that she wrote a memoir, not a fictional book, Jane cleverly responds saying “I made most of it up.” This trailer alone is enough to get you interested in the book and further prove Lynch’s reputation as a highly comical figure. I guess I know the next purchase I’ll be making on my Kindle when I get home. Check out the trailer below and see for yourself:

The book hits shelves September 13.

Source: NY Mag