See Shannen Doherty In An Education Connection Commercial

Shannen Doherty has decided to show her belief in the education system by participating in a commercial for an online college degree program called Education Connection. Perhaps she feels like she’s been rejected enough times now by the entertainment industry and thinks it’s time to take a few acting classes, or maybe she’s just promoting the pursuit of higher education out of the kindness of her heart. Wait, what am I saying? She’s doing this for the money. Granted, it can’t be too much money since this looks like a pretty low-budget ad, but I suppose it beats being the first to be kicked off Dancing with the Stars… so it may be a step in the right direction for the actress. She also refers to herself as playing “the girl not-so-next-door,” which I found a little confusing. Is she saying she’s from a different town or is this just a round about way of saying she’s good at being a you know what? I suppose that’s up for you online college-bound kids to decide (unless this commercial totally makes you lose faith in the education system). But on the bright side, if you’ve ever wanted to see what Shannen would look like as a nurse, a chef, or a crime scene investigator, then this is the commercial for you. So check out the video below — you may find it rather Charm-ing. Not really, but you should watch it anyways just for a good mid-day laugh. I know the girl may be a 90210 has-been, but she can do better than this. Enjoy!

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Source: NY Mag