Selena Gomez’s Adorable Reaction to ‘Come And Get It’ Going Number One

Selena Gomez’s Adorable Reaction to ‘Come And Get It’ Going Number One

Even with her risqué Spring Breakers trip, we still think Selena Gomez is effing adorable — and she just keeps reminding us just how cute she is! 

Gomez posted her reaction to finding out that her single Come and Get It hit No. 1 on iTunes on YouTube (watch below). With bare feet and a shirt that still has the tag on, the pop star gushes, “Oh my God! I did it? I got my number one?! Are you kidding me!” She then throws her hands over her face and curls up on a chair in full-blown disbelief. Her giddiness and cheerful smile is contagious and just elicits the biggest of grins. She’s just so lovable! This video makes up for any questionable choreography present in her live performances. 

Despite having already released four records, come and Get It is Gomez’s first track to top the charts. Rocking red lips and bold hoop earrings, Gomez wipes away her happy tears as she gives thanks to all the people who helped with the song’s booming success. 

Selena’s sweet, heartfelt reaction makes us want to give her the biggest hug! Never change, Sel. Never change. 

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