Selena Gomez’s New Video Replaces Justin Bieber With a Real Manly Man

Credit: Hollywood Records

It’s pretty expected these days to see artists bring in doppelgangers for their significant others (and significant exes), but Selena Gomez isn’t playing that game with her possibly rekindled romance with Justin Bieber. Her new music video for “Come And Get It” not only dabbles in the grown-up gyrations of Rihanna’s most sensuous music videos, it also serves up a bona fide, stubbly, chiseled, manly man for Gomez’s coquettish caresses. 

We only get a few glimpses of her music video paramour in between shots of Gomez dancing beside a campfire and blowing (and grinding) in the wind in a field of breathtaking plant life. But finally, around the four-minute mark, we get a wide shot of this mystery man’s Disney prince-worthy jaw and the kind of stubble that makes knees go weak. 

Gomez may be rumored to be going back to the Bieber well, but at the very least, her video vixen alter ego’s tastes in men are expanding from a privileged boy with a bad attitude to a real, honest M-A-N. Hubba hubba

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