Selena Gomez’s Insecurities Revealed in Special Interview with Ryan Seacrest

She’s a movie star, television actress, hit maker, and a fashion icon. But despite her insane popularity and much-lauded career, Selena Gomez still majorly doubts herself.

However, it’s Gomez’s timid insecurity that makes her wholesome and multi-dimensional — as opposed to the hollow cardboard cutouts so many Hollywooders often turn out to be. While a plethora of celebs are absorbed by the limelight, Gomez appears to remain grounded and gracious, which is why so many youngins and oldies alike admire the once-Disney diva. 

The Spring Breakers stunner gets candid with Ryan Seacrest about her youth, her career, and her seemingly promising future in an upcoming interview special on E!. In a characteristic show of her sincerity, Gomez tells Seacrest that, despite her uncanny success, she still avoids counting on fame and fortune. “What’s in today could be gone tomorrow, so you may not see me in five years,” Selena shares. Regardless, Selena remains persistent to continue working in the biz until it’s time for her to settle down and raise mini-Selenas. (Yeah, she wants a big family.)

In a clip from the special also reveals that Gomez thinks it’s time to leave the shelter of her parent’s home and get her own place at the ripe age of 20. “I didn’t ever wanna be forceful to saying, ‘OK, I’ve made enough to get my own house and OK, let’s blow it off and do whatever,'” Gomez says. “I just love being with my family and I love knowing that they’re there. But yeah, I think it’s probably time for me to get my own house.”

Gomez also discloses how her version of “high school” consisted of a slew of fellow Disney Channel veterans — namely Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and the Jonas Brothers — and why doesn’t shy away from talking about her love life.

Tune into the Selena’s interview when the special Ryan Seacrest With Selena Gomez airs on Sunday, July 21 at 10 PM on E!

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