Selena Gomez Continues to Hang with Teen Boys, Grabs Dinner with Jaden Smith

Credit: Pacific Coast News

Selena Gomez had dinner with Jaden Smith Thursday night at Hakkasan in London — and that’s a little bit strange.

The two were spotted exiting the restaurant and then, according to the Huffington Post, they were turned away from Boujis nightclub because Smith is underage. And therein lies the problem: Gomez is 20, Smith is… 14. Does Gomez not have any friends her own age? She just starred in Spring Breakers — why doesn’t she call fellow former Disney diva Vanessa Hudgens? They can reminisce about the good old days of family-friendly programming.

But even if the age difference wasn’t so odd, there’s the fact that Smith is besties with Gomez’s ex, Justin Bieber. Gomez needs to cut ties with him already because, as Taylor Swift reminds us, her relationship with Bieber was kind of gross.

Gomez hid her face from photographers as they snapped pictures of her and Smith, so maybe she knows hanging out with him might not have been the best decision. Go with your gut, Selena. Leave the teenager behind. Call Vanessa — she’ll be just the bad influence you need. 

Catch Jaden Smith in After Earth, which hits theaters May 31. 

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