Selena Gomez Just Took ‘Carpool Karaoke’ To New Heights

James Corden-Selena Gomez, Instagram, 062116

Selena Gomez definitely knows how to take things to new heights. Last night, the multi-platinum recording artist appeared on James Corden‘s Carpool Karaoke. However, instead of just keeping things confined to the car, Gomez convinced Corden to join her on a rollercoaster. On the twisty-turny ride, she and Corden belted out her hit “Come & Get It”.

Back in the car the harmonizing continued as the duo belted out everything from “Same Old Love” to Taylor Swift‘s “Shake It Off”. And if all of this wasn’t enough to stomach, Gomez and Corden ended their wild ride with some hair-raising ginger shots and some yummy McDonalds.

Still, the Carpool Karaoke was not just about songs and snacks, Gomez and Corden also chatted about the moment Gomez knew she’d made it, and her role as an OG member in TSwift’s #squad.

Watch the delightful video of Selena Gomez and James Corden for yourself below.

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