Selena Gomez Releases Sexy New Single and Sultry Album Art

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With the success of her sexy (and slightly controversial) single “Come & Get It,” Selena Gomez is climbing the pop charts and showing no signs of stopping. The pop starlet just released a few new details about her upcoming album, Stars Dance, as well as a brand new song. 

Monday night during a chat on her YouTube channel, the 20-year-old singer unveiled the album’s cover art, tracklist, and new single, “Slow Down.” The cover is a black-and-white photo of Gomez’s face, which she lightly touches as she gives her fans a fierce, smokey-eyed stare. With her jeweled headpiece and armor-esque shirt, the Disney alum channels some sort of a glam warrior diva.

“Slow Down” opens with a nice guitar riff reminiscent of Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.” The melody is quickly joined by a thumping beat as the song builds into full-blown electro dance-pop and Gomez sings, “I just wanna feel your body right next to mine.” The upbeat song is not a surprise, even when it drops to a dubstep-y breakdown in the chorus (à la Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”). All in all, “Slow Down” is another catchy, sexy song that will surely be blaring from club speakers in the weeks to come.

Listen to “Slow Down” below:

Coincidentally (or maybe not), only mere hours after Selena Gomez revealed her new album art, tracklist, and single, her famous ex Justin Bieber announced his upcoming single “Heartbreaker.” Needless to say, Bieber fans have worked themselves into a frenzy speculating as to whether or not the song title is a not-so-veiled message to Gomez. Only time (and maybe the lyrics) will tell.

Selena Gomez’s new single may be called “Slow Down,” but she is certainly forging full speed ahead —Stars Dance drops on July 23rd. Check out the 11-song tracklist below for a hint of what to expect. 

1. Birthday
2. Slow Down
3. Stars Dance
4. Like A Champion
5. Come & Get It
6. Forget Forever
7. Save The Day
8. B.E.AT.
9. Write Your Name
10. Undercover
11. Love Will Remember

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