What the Heck is Going on in This Selena Gomez Short Film?

What the Heck is Going on in This Selena Gomez Short Film?

Selena Gomez Short Film

Selena Gomez is on the cover of the December issue of Flaunt Magazine, and along with her cover spot comes a short film that bares the inner-soul of a pop star. You’d need a liberal arts degree and a healthy dose of pretension to try to decipher meaning out of this black and white piece, and since we at Hollywood.com have both of those in spades, let’s see what universal truths we can ring out of a three minute internet video.

The film titled Searching opens with thin strips of sunlight slipping through the clouds and hitting the mangled sign for the Rosslyn Hotel. We see Selena staring pensively out of her hotel room window. Since this is a short film, there’s going to be a lot of pensive staring. Everything is black and white because monochrome makes things 30 percent more deep and meaningful. Next, we see Selena in bed with a hunky guy wearing an expression that says “Oh my God! I think I left the iron on at home.” The two of them the appear in a series of shots where they struggle to produce believable chemistry together before Selena sets off on her search. She walks through the halls of the hotel as paint peels from the ceiling overhead. We ask ourselves what the pop starlet could be doing in such a run down hotel?  Maybe life isn’t going the way she wanted. Selena bumps into someone with a face mask that bares more than a passing resemblence to Ms. Gomez herself (oohhh spooky!)

Selena Gomez Short Filmde Cadanet & Mahoney/Flaunt

Selena walks the streets of LA searching for whoever she’s looking for, but she can only seem to find unhelpful runway models dressed in designer clothing throughout the whole city. Time then starts to move backwards (What does this mean? I don’t know but it’s probably super deep). We then see Selena sprawled in her hotel room’s bed, her search unsuccessful. The camera pans out, and we finally get a glimpse of the person she was searching for…It’s a picture of Selena herself (whoa man this is like Inception-level deep). Why is Selena searching for a version of herself with longer hair? In our opinion, it seems that Selena wants to go back in time to Wizards of Waverly Place. A time with longer hair, more colors, and before Spring Breakers was ever made. A time filled with the pastel colors and the simple plots of a Disney channel sitcom. She wants to be that person she was before but she can’t. Now she’s the type of person that stars in obnoxious short films for fashion magazines.