Selmer Jackson

Born: 05/07/1888


Actor (24)

The Gallant Hours 1960 (Movie)

Admiral Chester Nimitz (Actor)

The Atomic Submarine 1959 (Movie)

Admiral (Actor)

Hellcats of the Navy 1957 (Movie)

Admiral Nimitz (Actor)

The Lost Missile 1957 (Movie)

Secretary of State (Actor)

Autumn Leaves 1956 (Movie)

Mr Wetherby (Actor)

Demetrius and the Gladiators 1954 (Movie)

Senator (Actor)

Deadline U.S.A. 1952 (Movie)


The Pretender 1947 (Movie)

Charles Lennox (Actor)

Dakota 1945 (Movie)


This Love of Ours 1945 (Movie)


Hey, Rookie 1944 (Movie)

Col. Robbins (Actor)

Roger Touhy, Gangster 1944 (Movie)


The Sullivans 1944 (Movie)

Damage Control Officer (Actor)

Guadalcanal Diary 1942 (Movie)

Col. Thompson (Actor)

Margin For Error 1942 (Movie)

Coroner (Actor)

Ten Gentlemen From West Point 1941 (Movie)

Sersen (Actor)

City For Conquest 1940 (Movie)


The Grapes of Wrath 1940 (Movie)


Alexander's Ragtime Band 1937 (Movie)

Manager Radio Station (Actor)

Manhattan Merry-Go-Round 1936 (Movie)

J. Henry Thorne (Actor)

My Man Godfrey 1935 (Movie)


Parole! 1935 (Movie)


The Magnificent Brute 1935 (Movie)

Dr. Coleman (Actor)

Doctor X 1931 (Movie)

Globe Night Editor (Actor)