Serge Riaboukine

Born: 12/29/1957


Actor (37)

Je me tue à le dire 2016 (Movie)


Woman Or Children First 2014 (Movie)


Sleepless Night 2012 (Movie)


Jimmy Rivière 2011 (Movie)


The Invader 2011 (Movie)


Two Ships 2011 (Movie)


Lino 2009 (Movie)

Actor (Actor)

Qu'est-il arrive a Simon Werner? 2009 (Movie)


9 mm 2008 (Movie)


Mona Lisa Has Vanished 2008 (Movie)


Angel-A 2007 (Movie)

Pedro (Actor)

Enfermes Dehors 2006 (Movie)


Boudu Saved From Drowning 2005 (Movie)

Geronimo (Actor)

Les Ames Grises 2005 (Movie)

Bourrache (Actor)

Look At Me 2005 (Movie)

Felix (Actor)

Las Rivieres Pourpres 2: Les Anges de L'Apocalypse 2004 (Movie)

Father Vincent (Actor)

When You Come Down to Earth 2004 (Movie)


Le Chignon d'Olga 2003 (Movie)


Mondays in the Sun 2003 (Movie)

Sergei (Actor)

Safe Conduct 2002 (Movie)


Skin of Man, Heart of Beast 2002 (Movie)

Francky (Actor)

Gregoire Moulin contre l'humanite 2001 (Movie)

Cab Driver (Actor)

La Tour Montparnasse infernale 2001 (Movie)


Antilles-sur-Seine 2000 (Movie)


Les Marchands de sable 2000 (Movie)

Alain (Actor)

Scenes de crimes 2000 (Movie)


Une Femme d'exterieur 2000 (Movie)


Voyous Voyelles 2000 (Movie)


Blowhards 1999 (Movie)


L' Examen de Minuit 1998 (Movie)

Roland (Actor)

Marthe 1998 (Movie)

Lucien (Actor)

...comme elle respire 1997 (Movie)

Barnaby (Actor)

News From the Good Lord 1995 (Movie)

Spiritualist (Actor)

...A la campagne 1994 (Movie)

Emile (Actor)

Buisson ardent 1987 (Movie)


Venise sauvee 1986 (Movie)

1st Spy (Actor)