Shaun Cobley


Camera, Film, & Tape (24)

Alice Through the Looking Glass 2016 (Movie)

(Camera Operator)

The Brothers Grimsby 2016 (Movie)

Assistant A Camera (Assistant Camera)

Everest 2015 (Movie)

1st Assistant(for RVK Studios) (Steadicam Operator)

The Lovers 2015 (Movie)

(Focus Puller)

Beyond the Lights 2014 (Movie)

(Assistant Camera)

Fury 2014 (Movie)

Camera 1st Assistant (Camera Assistant)

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 2014 (Movie)

First Assistant Photographer (Photography)

Locke 2014 (Movie)

(Assistant Camera)

Rosewater 2014 (Movie)

(Assistant Camera)

Snow White and the Huntsman 2012 (Movie)

Assistant B Camera (Assistant Camera)

Johnny English Reborn 2011 (Movie)

(French Alpine) (Focus Puller)

My Week With Marilyn 2011 (Movie)

(Focus Puller)

The Iron Lady 2011 (Movie)

Assistant "B" Camera (Assistant Camera)

Gulliver's Travels 2010 (Movie)

(Assistant Camera)

Tamara Drewe 2010 (Movie)

(Additional Photography) (Focus Puller)

The King's Speech 2010 (Movie)

(Focus Puller)

Pirate Radio 2009 (Movie)

(Focus Puller)

Wild Child 2009 (Movie)

Assistant B Camera (Assistant Camera)

The Seeker 2007 (Movie)

(Insert Unit) (Assistant Camera)

The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy 2005 (Movie)

(Focus Puller)

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 2004 (Movie)

Clapper Loader (Loader)

Thunderbirds 2004 (Movie)

Second Assistant A Camera (Assistant Camera)

Wimbledon 2004 (Movie)

Second Assistant Camera (Assistant Camera)

The Man Who Cried 2001 (Movie)

Steadicam loader (Steadicam Operator)
Other (1)

Trial By Fire 1999 - 2000 (TV Show)