I See Right Through You: Sheer Madness in Hollywood

Iggy AzaleaKristin Callahan/ACE/INF Photo

When it comes to style, celebrities are supposed to be early adopters. Its one of the things we pay them for. But what does it mean to we civilians when award season serves up every curve?

Since Yves St Laurent first started promoting the nipple in Paris, every fashion editor has known there is no Runway to Reality version of sheer. Sure, it still stomps the catwalks and even creeps into fashion editorials from time to time. But editors take their readers way too seriously to belabor the point.

Hollywood hasn’t caught on to that piece of the style puzzle just yet. And when your body is your business it must be tempting to show what you’ve got. But here’s a little fashion tip straight from the runways: trend-setting women dress for other women, not for men.

And as a reminder to fashion stylists who are tempted by their thoroughbred Red Carpet clientele, those carpets roll out over the streets people walk on. They’re not actually runways.

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