Shel Silverstein


Music (13)

Are We Done Yet? 2007 (Movie)

("A Boy Named Sue") (Song)

Almost Famous 2000 (Movie)

("Cover of the Rolling Stone") (Song)

Divorcing Jack 1998 (Movie)

("Danger of a Stranger") (Song)

Thelma & Louise 1991 (Movie)

("The Ballad of Lucy Jordan") (Song)

Hearts of Fire 1990 (Movie)

("Couple More Years") (Song)

Postcards From the Edge 1990 (Movie)

("I'm Checkin' Out") (Song)

Coal Miner's Daughter 1980 (Movie)

("One's On The Way") (Song)

Montenegro 1980 (Movie)

("The Ballad of Lucy Jordan") (Song)

Thieves 1977 (Movie)


Payday 1972 (Movie)

songs (Song)

Ned Kelly 1969 (Movie)

("Ned Kelly" "The Wild Colonial Boy" "Son of a Scoundrel" "Shadow of the Gallows" "Lonigan's Widow" "Stony Cold Ground" "The Kellys Keep Comin'" "Marchin' in the Evenin'" "Blame It on the Kellys" "Pleasures of a Sunday Afternoon" "Hey Ned") (Song)

A Boy Named Sue (TV Show)

Writer (2)

Trapped 1992 (Movie)


Things Change 1988 (Movie)

Producer (1)

Trapped 1992 (Movie)