Sherri Shepherd: Flying 6,000 Miles A Week for ‘Dancing With The Stars’

sherri shepherdUnless you’ve been hiding under a rock today, you know that Season 14’s Dancing With the Stars cast has now been revealed, which is pretty big news for reality show enthusiasts like us. In fact, we’re so pumped about it we’ve already attempted to grade the contestants, who seem to be quite the interesting assortment of stars this year.

One name in particular that stands out among the others is Sherri Shepherd, most widely known as the co-host of of the popular talk show, The View. But if you thought Shepherd’s upcoming stint on DWTS would cause her to take a break from her daytime routine, you would be wrong. recently spoke with the star’s publicist and learned that Shepherd “will be bi-coastal.”

According to her rep, she will continue “to tape The View Wednesdays and Thursdays in NYC, and rehearse [her dance routines] in NYC and LA,” only stopping if and when she is eliminated from the competition. 

If she makes it all the way to the finals that’s going to be a lot of traveling (roughly 6,000 miles a week). And while it’s bound to get a little wearing after a while, if you’re dancing with the likes of a Chmerkovskiy it’s definitely worth the jet lag. Let’s just hope she has some frequent flier miles saved up — she certainly will after the competition. Good luck, Sherri!

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