Shhh! We Have Obama’s and Romney’s Secret Notes from the Debate

Obama Romney

We are three debates into 2012’s election season, and by now we are familiar with the furrowed brows, emphatic pointing, and frantic scribbling of notes that go along with such events. Analyzing the candidates’ body language has become as key to deciding the debate’s winner as analyzing the rhetoric (just ask President Obama, who was berated following his sluggish appearance in the first debate). But, while the audience is able to see how the candidates comport themselves and hear what they have to say, we are not privvy to the notes they jot down while their competition speaks. Until now.

Since the staff of consists entirely of sneaky political ninjas, we were able to procure pages from Barack Obama‘s and Mitt Romney‘s notepads from the Hofstra University trash receptacles. We present them to you for your careful scrutiny. These are top secret and full of highly classified information. Be very, very careful with these documents. Which, by the way, are totally real*.

Mitt Romney’s Notes


Barack Obama’s Notes


*Completely fake.

[Photo Credit: Drawings by Michael Arbeiter]


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