Shia LaBeouf is Shockingly Buff, But Somehow Still Not That Hot — PIC

Shia LaBeouf Buff Instagram

Shia, you’ve been holding out on us. While we’re not sold on your email etiquette or love for the Olive Garden, your bod may have us rethinking your dating potential. Middleweight boxer Peter Quillin, who is apparently a new homey of LaBeouf’s, posted a photo to his Instagram account of the two showing off their torso regions. And… surprise! Turns, out, LaBeouf is LaBuff. 

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With his shaved head and ripped abs, LaBeouf almost has a Tom Hardy thing going on here. Almost. How is it that, as impressive as his physique may be (and it’s pretty gosh darn impressive), LaBeouf still falls closer to overgrown prairie dog than Magic Mike on the hotness spectrum? 

One more question before we let you go, Shia. Was your shirt not very tasty? Is that why you went to the Olive Garden? (Yeah, we’re still stuck on the Olive Garden thing). 

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