Shirley Ann Field


Actor (27)

Dalziel & Pascoe: Recalled to Life 1999 - 2000 (TV Show)


Anna Lee: Headcase 1994 - 1995 (TV Show)


Bramwell 1995 (TV Show)


Lady Chatterley 1992 (Movie)


U.F.O. 1992 (Movie)

Supreme Commancer (Actor)

Hear My Song 1991 (Movie)

Cathleen Doyle (Actor)

Getting It Right 1989 (Movie)

Anne (Actor)

Shag: The Movie 1989 (Movie)

Mrs Clatterbuck (Actor)

The Entertainer 1989 (Movie)

Tina (Actor)

The Rachel Papers 1989 (Movie)

Mrs Seth-Smith (Actor)

My Beautiful Laundrette 1986 (Movie)

Rachel (Actor)

Doctor Maniac 1972 (Movie)

Mary-Anne (Actor)

Doctor in Clover 1967 (Movie)

Nurse Bancroft (Actor)

Alfie 1965 (Movie)

Carla (Actor)

Kings of the Sun 1962 (Movie)

Ixchel (Actor)

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning 1961 (Movie)

Doreen Gretton (Actor)

The War Lover 1961 (Movie)


These Are the Damned 1961 (Movie)

Joan (Actor)

Man in the Moon 1960 (Movie)

Polly (Actor)

Once More, With Feeling 1960 (Movie)

Angela Hopper (Actor)

Peeping Tom 1960 (Movie)

Diane Ashley (Actor)

Beat Girl 1959 (Movie)


Horrors of the Black Museum 1958 (Movie)

Angela (Actor)

Upstairs and Downstairs 1958 (Movie)


The Silken Affair 1957 (Movie)


It's Never Too Late 1955 (Movie)


Simon and Laura 1955 (Movie)