Shirley Grey

Born: 04/10/1902


Actor (19)

The Girl Who Came Back 1934 (Movie)


Texas Cyclone 1931 (Movie)

Helena Rawlins (Actor)

The Hurricane Express 1931 (Movie)


Circumstantial Evidence (Movie)

Adrienne Grey (Actor)

Green Eyes (Movie)

Jean Kester (Actor)

Murder on the Campus (Movie)

Lillian Voyne (Actor)

One Man's Law (Movie)


Out All Night (Movie)

Kate (Actor)

Private Jones (Movie)

Helen (Actor)

Secret Service (Movie)

Edith Varney (Actor)

Terror Aboard (Movie)


The Defense Rests (Movie)

Mabel Wilson (Actor)

The Girl in 419 (Movie)

Nurse Blaine (Actor)

The Little Giant (Movie)

Edith Merriam (Actor)

The Public Defender (Movie)

Barbara Gerry (Actor)

Too Much Harmony (Movie)

Lilyan (Actor)

Treason (TV Show)


Uptown New York (Movie)

Patricia Smith (Actor)

Virtue (Movie)

Gert (Actor)