Shirley Temple Black Joins Twitter, Is Adorable

Shirley Temple Black joins Twitter

National treasure Shirley Temple Black, the original child star (who left acting 63 years ago for a fruitful career as a diplomat), has joined Twitter. Although she ostensibly signed up to connect with her loyal fans, it appears No. 2 on Black’s Twitter agenda was to reveal to the world how adorable she is.

It’s not too hard to be cute when you’re an 84-year-old with a tenuous grasp on how to use a keyboard (old people bumbling with technology is never not aww-worthy), but it’s extra-great coming from the girl who created the mold from which all precocious kiddie characters are cut.

Here are just six examples of that adorableness from Black’s limited Twitter repertoire — she’s only been signed up for two days, after all.

1. She’s so hip that proper punctuation and capitalization are irrelevant. Just like the kids! Also, she seems to end sentences with tildes. New trend alert!

good morning,love to you all~starting to see-how this all works,i will tryto answer somequestions ifyou use #askshirley did i do that right?

— Shirley Temple Black (@TempleShirleyJ) January 24, 2013

2. She’s already forming a community of fellow showbiz old-timers on the Internet. Black used her third-ever tweet to tell Dick Van Dyke what a fan she is of his new barbershop quartet.

@iammrvandy nice to see a few of us on twitter – i took a second and listened to your new barbershop quartet – brought a smile to my face

— Shirley Temple Black (@TempleShirleyJ) January 23, 20133. She’s mastered the retweet. Just one day into her Twitter tenure and Black had already figured out how to share Dick Van Dyke’s response to her entire feed.

@templeshirleyjThank you!! I always envied you dancing with Bojangles!!

— Dick Van Dyke (@iammrvandy)January 24, 2013

4. She knows what YouTube is and links to herself as a kid saying cute things. Seriously, this lady is rad.

over five-thousand of you, my on-line friends joining me today. Oh my goodness~…

— Shirley Temple Black (@TempleShirleyJ) January 25, 2013

5. She’ll answer your questions. So far, Black has explained why she left acting, her thoughts on race issues in early Hollywood, what she loves about public service, and her advice to current child stars. And that was just day two of the Twitter experience.

@gregscott04 i was drawn to diplomacy-to create a more peaceful world.I have great respect for the Foreign Service.(i left acting in 1950)~

— Shirley Temple Black (@TempleShirleyJ) January 24, 2013

@cadthefocailI was colorblind.

— Shirley Temple Black (@TempleShirleyJ) January 24, 2013

6. She doesn’t know what a Honey Boo Boo is. And we hope she never finds out.

i have been asked what i think of “honey boo””, can someone tell me who that is~

— Shirley Temple Black (@TempleShirleyJ) January 24, 2013

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