Should Robert Pattinson Get Back Together With Kristen Stewart?

Robert PattinsonAre the days of sad Robert Pattinson over, or have they just begun? Sources tell Us Weekly that Pattinson and almost-ex Kristen Stewart have decided to declare the whole Rupert Sanders affair water under the bridge and give things another shot. If Us is to be believed, the two are even living together again. 

Now, getting back together with a cheating ex seems sketchy at best, so we think it would be wise for Pattinson to elicit more advice before he jumps right back into what very well may be a toxic relationship. We’ve gone ahead and done him a favor by writing to the most reliable sources for relationship wisdom we know: women’s magazines.

These are all real quotes taken directly from the indicated magazines’ advice columns. Responses are slightly edited for gender.

Dear Magazine,

My girlfriend recently cheated on me. I can’t be certain, but I’m pretty sure it was not a one-time thing — at least that’s what it looked like in the pictures. She apologized profusely (and publicly) and cried a little and claims to still love me. I thought that meant something because she doesn’t normally show emotion, but I still told her I needed some space. But now that I’ve had that space, I realize I’m lonely and miserable and we have a movie coming out and have to do the press tour anyway, so we are thinking about moving back in together. Do you think I should give her a second chance?



Seventeen: In theory, yes, everyone deserves a second chance. But you also need to honor the voice inside your head that is afraid of being hurt by this [girl] again–that voice is there to protect you. Since I don’t have all the details about what went down between you two during that first breakup, it’s best for you to use that voice as a guide … Maybe this [girl] didn’t handle things so great. The point is, be a turtle. Don’t rush back into a relationship just because [she’s] gotten over whatever went down the first time … The two of you need to resolve the trust issues that exist between you in a mature way, and the best way to do that is to take things slowly and not rush into dating again. And P.S.: You can have a relationship without it being a physical one, you know?

Marie Claire: I’d break up immediately after I found out my girlfriend cheated on me and I’d never give her another chance regardless of how “good” things ever were. Cheating is so selfish, and I’d never be able to let go of the mental image of her cheating on me. And cheaters are often repeat offenders. If I felt stupid the first time I got cheated on, how stupid would I feel the second time around? It’s always good to go out on top: After she cheats on me, I would tell her to get lost, and still I’m the guy who never did anything wrong. That will leave her to float around and wonder what could have been, and live with the guilt.

Glamour: Don’t take [her] back. [She] didn’t cheat on you once. [She] cheated on you numerous times. And if you take [her] back, [she] will continue to cheat on you. It’s a no-brainer—just like [her]. You gave [her] years of love and loyalty, and this is your repayment? … Your [girlfriend] might be truly sorry, [she] might get a gold star for confessing, and you might forgive [her] for what [she’s] done, but [she] still must live with the consequences of [her] actions—losing you as a [boyfriend]. Forever. Maybe it will teach [her] something so that [she] doesn’t make the same mistake with future [boyfriends]. Don’t take [her] back. Please. This one’s over. Move on.

Cosmopolitan: We’re going to put this bluntly, so put on your big-[boy] pants: The [girl] who’s perfect for you might cheat on you. Yes, even the most amazing, flower-sending, call-returning, make-your-friends-jealous [girlfriends] have been known to stray. “Slip-ups happen, but the good news is that when they truly are slip-ups, they’re survivable,” says William July, PhD, author of Confessions of an Ex Bachelor. In order to salvage your twosome, it’s important to resist the urge to get revenge, make [her] angry, or feel anxious every time [she] doesn’t call, according to July. If you’re capable of forgiving [her] and moving on, do just that. After all, it was a mistake, not [her] relationship MO. Bottom line: give the [girl] a second chance. As long as [she] doesn’t do it again (ever, ever, ever) and [she] goes back to being that practically perfect [girlfriend], don’t you think he’s worth it? We do.

Only time will tell whether Pattinson decides to move on, like most every magazine recommends, or take Cosmo‘s advice to forgive and forget.

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