Sid Page


Music (31)

Finding Dory 2016 (Movie)

Instrumental Soloist (Soloist)

Blake Shelton's Not So Family Christmas 2012 - 2013 (TV Show)


Saving Mr. Banks 2013 (Movie)

Instrumental Soloist (Soloist)

The Help 2011 (Movie)

Instrumental Soloist (Soloist)

Appaloosa 2008 (Movie)

Featured Musician (Music)

Bottle Shock 2008 (Movie)

Violin Soloist (Soloist)

Miracle at St. Anna 2008 (Movie)

Violins (Music)

Swing Vote 2008 (Movie)

Fiddle Soloist (Soloist)

The Express 2008 (Movie)

Concert Master (Music)

Disturbia 2007 (Movie)

Orchestra Leader (Original Music)

Inside Man 2006 (Movie)

Violins (Performer)

RV 2006 (Movie)

Fiddle("The Swinging Diablos") (Performer)

House of D 2005 (Movie)

Violins (Performer)

Barbershop 2: Back in Business 2004 (Movie)

Choir Master (Music Conductor)

Cold Creek Manor 2003 (Movie)

Featured Musician (Performer)

Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde 2003 (Movie)

Concert Master (Music Conductor)

Normal 2002 - 2003 (TV Show)


Moonlight Mile 2002 (Movie)

Additional Featured Musician (Performer)

She Gets What She Wants 2002 (Movie)

Violin (Music)

At First Sight 1999 (Movie)

violin solos (Soloist)

Breakfast of Champions 1999 (Movie)

violin(The Mark Isham Sessions) (Performer)

October Sky 1999 (Movie)

solo violin (Soloist)

Kiss the Girls 1997 (Movie)

("Partita No 2 in D Minor ('Giga')" "Sonata No 1 in G Minor ('Adagio')) (Performer)

America's Music: The Roots of Country 1995 - 1996 (TV Show)

Original Music

Miami Rhapsody 1995 (Movie)

violin (Performer)

Vanishing Son 1993 - 1994 (TV Show)


Vanishing Son II 1993 - 1994 (TV Show)


Little Man Tate 1991 (Movie)

violinist(original songs) (Performer)

To Sleep With Anger 1990 (Movie)

violinist (Performer)

The Moderns 1988 (Movie)

violinist(Orchestre Moderne) (Performer)
Actor (2)

About a Boy 2014 (Tv Show)


Love Streams 1984 (Movie)

Opera Musician (Actor)
Other (5)

The Country Bears 2002 (Movie)

On-Camera Music Consultant (Consultant)

Citizen Ruth 1996 (Movie)

concert master (Other)

Fatal Instinct 1993 (Movie)

concert master (Other)

Son-In-Law 1993 (Movie)

concert master (Other)

Passed Away 1992 (Movie)

concert master (Other)