Simon Cowell Claims He Dated Denise Richards When She Was 8 Months Pregnant, Richards Denies It

One of the things I admire most about Howard Stern is he can get absolutely anyone in the world to open up to him. In the past, he’s gotten Crystal Harris (Hugh Hefner‘s ex) to say that Hefner “lasted two seconds in bed,” he’s gotten Jesse James to say that Kat Von D is better at sex than Sandra Bullock, and he even got David Arquette to talk about the sex life he had with Courteney Cox THE DAY AFTER they told the public they were splitting up. If there’s anything I know in this world, it’s that you could wire your jaw shut ten times over but if Howard Stern walks into the room, it’s going to come out that you have ten copies of 40 Days and 40 Nights on DVD.

Anyway, the most recent person Howard squeezed dry happens to be Simon Cowell. Yesterday, Cowell called into Howard’s Sirius XM radio show and explained that a few years ago, he went on a date with Denise Richards while she was 8 months pregnant with her second child with Charlie Sheen. Cowell said, “She’s cute. She turned up 8 months pregnant and had a dog in her handbag.” Howard asked if Richards’ big belly was “a real turnoff” and Cowell responded, “a little bit. But she is gorgeous. I liked her a lot, I think she’s cute, funny, a bit of a wacko…but I like that.”

And today, Richards wrote on Twitter how she views the encounter and stated that if she was actually on a date with Cowell, she wasn’t aware of it. She said, “I was at a group dinner, eight months pregnant. Not sure how that’s considered a date! If I was being set up, I didn’t know it! I wish I knew that it was a date! He’s a hot piece of ass!” And quite honestly, of the two people involved in this situation, I’m more inclined to believe Denise Richards. She seems smart enough to know better than to be looking for a boyfriend when she’s 8 months pregnant and not even divorced from Charlie Sheen, and Simon Cowell is most certainly the type of guy who’d try and flip things around so that he wouldn’t look like the weird one while trying to pick up a completely pregnant woman.

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