Simon O'Connor


Visual Effects & Animation (8)

Bolt 2008 (Movie)

Effects Animator (Animator)

Meet the Robinsons 2007 (Movie)

Effects Animator (Animator)

Chicken Little 2005 (Movie)

Effects Animator (Animator)

Dinosaur 2000 (Movie)

effects animator(scene finaling) (Animator)

Mission to Mars 2000 (Movie)

effects animator(Dream Quest Quest/visual effects) (Animator)

Sgt. Bilko 1996 (Movie)

lead digital artist (Visual Effects)

The Island of Dr. Moreau 1996 (Movie)

digital artist(Digital Domain) (Visual Effects)

Apollo 13 1995 (Movie)

digital artist (Visual Effects)
Actor (2)

You Won't Miss Me 2010 (Movie)

Simon (Actor)

Heavenly Creatures 1994 (Movie)

Herbert Rieper (Actor)
Executive (1)

The Fifth Element 1997 (Movie)

shader supervisor(Digital Domain) (Supervisor)
Other (1)

Peter Pan: Return to Neverland 2002 (Movie)

crew(The Secret Lab/opening shot) (Production)