Sir Mix-A-Lot, Baha Men, and 8 Other Grammy-Winning One-Hit Wonders

Sir Mix-a-Lot

All it takes is one great song (or in many cases, one really infectious, mediocre song) to top the Billboard charts, skyrocket to overnight fame, and become a household name. But, while one-hit wonders are a staple of every musical genre in every decade, only a select few go on to win the coveted Grammy for their big song.

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Those few include the likes of singer-songwriters like Shawn Colvin, novelty rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot (pictured above with those big butts he’s so very fond of), and, against all logic and reason, the reggae group who brought us “Who Let the Dogs Out”: the Baha Men.

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Before the 2013 Grammys air on CBS at 8 PM ET on Sunday, February 10, we here at wanted to look back at the artists who, despite having lackluster follow-up singles, will forever have Grammy awards on their mantles.

10 One-Hit Wonders Who Won Grammys

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