Sitch Gives Up Rehab, But What SHOULD Other Celebs Have Given Up For Lent?

mike sorrentinoEaster weekend is upon us, which means all of those bad habits you swore to give up for 40 days (but probably didn’t) can officially re-enter your every day lives — hello chocolate! But being that we’re entertainment junkies and constantly have Hollywood on the brain, this got us thinking about what nasty habits we wish celebrities had given up for Lent.

TMZ reports that The Sitch has decided to “give up” rehab after he checked himself in several weeks ago for substance abuse problems. It’s not really the best decision he’s ever made (although his list of wise decisions isn’t exactly long). So to help our fellow stars out, we’ve compiled a list of things they should have gone without this Easter season. Hopefully they’ll keep these ideas in mind for next year.

The Sitch Should Have Given Up Partying

If this Jersey Shore star had done a little less partying and a little more tanning, then he might not have ended up in this situation in the first place. Hitting the clubs is pretty much this guy’s bread and butter, but we need him around if we’re ever going to get Jersey Shore: The Movie up off the ground (is that only my dream?).

Rihanna Should Have Given Up Chris Brown

Now before you immediately hate me for this, let me just one out that if we were just talking about a normal guy who brutally assaulted his girlfriend, then no one would be arguing against me. But since they’re superstars everyone is more prone to jump on the forgiveness bandwagon. Maybe he has seen the error of his ways, but it would just be better if these two kept their distance. If Twitter has taught us anything it’s that Chris Brown doesn’t think before he acts.

Simon Cowell Should Have Given Up V-Necks

You may never be able to predict what comes out of Simon Cowell’s mouth, but you don’t need to be a fortune teller to know what he’ll be wearing when it happens. We get it, you like V-necks, but would it hurt to broaden your wardrobe horizons a little bit? Someone get Tim Gunn on the phone stat!

Kim Kardashian Should Have Given Up Red Carpet Appearances

No one loves a red carpet like the Kardashian Klan, but during Kim’s last paparazzi appearance she ended up with quite an ear full — of flour. If she had simply chosen to stay home that day she could have avoided a powdery confrontation (not to mention an expensive dry cleaning bill).

Jessica Simpson Should Have Given Up Talking

Sure, everyone loves a good celebrity pregnancy story, but Jessica Simpson has taken things to an extreme TMI level. Whether she’s revealing intimate details about her sex life or using gross metaphors to illustrate her water breaking, it’s become somewhat of an overkill and makes all of your friend’s annoying pregnancy Facebook photos look like child’s play.

Alexander Skarsgard Should Have Given Up All Women (Besides Me)

Okay, so this one is more for my sake than anyone else’s, but can you really blame me? Even if you’re not a True Blood fan (which you should be), you can’t deny this is one gorgeous man. Let’s just say, if ASkars had been one of the crash landing passengers on LOST, none of those women would have been trying so hard to get off that island.

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