Slattery fights sanitation building plans

Manhattan officials have announced plans to erect a $346 million (£231 million) garage complex to store the city’s garbage trucks – but the actor is opposed to the idea, insisting the facility will increase traffic and threaten pedestrian safety in the area.

Slattery says, “There are a lot of families in the neighborhood, and they haven’t been taken into account in the designing of this facility. The air quality, the traffic, the noise (are all) going to be affected. There are people who have been living here for years. It’s not a bunch of wealthy people who are just complaining that their views are going to be blocked. It’s the actual livability of the neighbourhood.”

Slattery joins rockers Lou Reed and Michael Stipe as well as actors Paul Bettany, Casey Affleck and Kirsten Dunst in the fight against the city plans.