Smartwatch is Here, But Where’s My Flying Car?

The Fifth Element, Flying Car


Finally, ladies and gentleman, the future has arrived! Welcome to the world long-ago foreseen by sci-fi scribes and other forward-focused writers. Welcome to the age of the smart watch! Surely, you’ve seen the groovy retro Samsung Galaxy Gear commercials by now. (If you haven’t, see video below.) Complete with an infectious hook from LCD Soundsystem, the spots have been everywhere of late, as the company recently rolled this bad boy out at September’s end. Still, I – for one – can’t help but be disappointed, mostly because the future still looks suspiciously like the present.

Where’s my flying car to alleviate morning rush hour traffic? Food pellets to forgo all that unnecessary chewing? A robot maid to clean up my living room? And all that shiny metallic form-fitting clothing? Actually, scratch that last one.

Bottom line: the future is still so much better in books and movies. The present, even with this way-cool watch, still pales in comparison. Sure, I’ll grab a smart watch and pretend I’m Johnny Socko commanding Giant Robot – but I’ll still have to come up with a way for the wife to wear that grayish-blue and red armor suit (let alone obey my commands). What a drag.