Snooki and J-Woww May Battle Real Life In ‘Jersey Shore’ Spinoff

Snooki and jwowwSo it’s not yet a “Shore Thing” (insert unamused golf claps) but Nicole “Don’t Call Me Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “You Can Keep Calling Me J-Woww Because It Makes Me Lots of Money” Farley have a potential Jersey Shore spinoff in the works and they clearly have no idea how to be grown-ups despite the millions of dollars in their bank accounts. Details about the guidettes’ adventure in normalcy have surfaced and it looks like we can expect more fannies in minifridges and some toilet paper snafus.

Here’s the set-up: the charming duo move in to a $1.5 million home only to realize that they don’t know anything about….anything. A mortgage? What’s that? Checks? Aren’t those like those things you get when you win Publisher’s Clearing House? Are they always that big? Ooh I want one! Does it come with a gorilla juicehead?

The ladies also learn some tough lessons about what a nightmare roommate is – namely Snooki. As of now, the biggest issues are that Polizzi’s scarfing down J-Woww’s food and failing to replace….the toilet paper? THIS is what we can look forward to? Everyday roomie gripes? Uh, no. Where is the part where they start getting so drunk they knock over tables and couches? What about hiring gardeners just so they can oggle them and offer them tall glasses of Ron-ron juice like a couple of desperate housewives with rufied lemonade? GIMME SOMETHING ladies. Then again, we’ve settled for less on the original Jersey Shore, so why should we expect anything different when it’s just these two on their own; we’ll still be watching. Wahhh.

Source: TMZ