Snooki Coaches Anderson Cooper Through His First Spray Tan

Because Anderson Cooper has made fun of Snooki multiple times during his show on CNN, it was somewhat surprising to see her show up at the tanning salon to help him get his first spray tan. But a quick browse through Snooki’s Twitter feed reveals that she was the one who actually suggested they meet up and get bronzed together: on July 13th, shortly after Andy Coop ridiculed her NYT bestseller, A Shore Thing, Snooks tweeted, “Thanks for reading my NY Times Bestseller Mista Anderstand Cooper. Love to help you get a 2nd book. Let’s go tanning and talk about it.”

And so yesterday, television’s hottest powerhouses came together at NYC’s Beach Bum Tanning and to discuss the best way to obtain book deals. A camera crew from Andy’s new daytime talk show, Anderson, was there to record all the good ideas they were going to have. But once Andy took off his shirt to be sprayed, Snooki’s mind quickly wandered away from sequels and prequels and was shocked to see that the most famous news reporter to own his own firehouse is actually pretty stacked. Check out the video below to see Anderson’s reaction to his new skin tone and make sure to take note that of how Beach Bum Tanning really is a full service enterprise.

Sources: Twitter, Us