Snooki Could Get Her Own Dating Show

SnookiSnooki’s on the prowl again, but wait, when is she not on the prowl? If I remember correctly, she was still ogling juiceheads in Miami before she and her last boyfriend called it quits. But hey, who am I to judge? Juiceheads are like kryptonite. Am I right, ladies? Can I get a “hell yeah?” Okay, I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.

Regardless of my vehement loathing for anyone who behaves remotely like The Situation or Pauly D, dearest Snooki will swoon over any dude that adheres to the GTL code and MTV is prepared to support her addiction in the form of a new show. You read that correctly – there will soon be two Jersey Shore shows on MTV. Let’s face it; they’re never going to go back to playing music videos. Maybe they should just take a lesson from Japan and change the channel’s name to Macaroni Rascals Television.

In her second show, Snooki will be looking for her next victim – er, boyfriend – with the help of a few friends like JWoww and even some ex-boyfriends. Sources say one ex may help her make a decision, and another may try to win her (and her mega fame and mega millions) back. This is no slight to Snooki; in all honesty I have an unexplainable soft spot for the 4 foot nothing reality star. But when her last boyfriend started slumming it with Spencer Pratt in hopes of nabbing his own TV show, it became painfully obvious that the dude was a grade A fame whore. I have no doubt the dudes on her show will be any different.

Even so, Snooki is determined to find her knight in Guido armor – as long as he’s not a “jerk-off” and he has to be “a nympho.” (WTMI and honestly, what dude isn’t?) I may have just made a pretty good case for why this show will be awful, but I know I’ll end up hooked. Snooki being chased by a bunch of overly tan, drunken idiots? That’s a train wreck I’ve got to see.

Source: Huffington Post