Snooki Disses Pregnant Jessica Simpson: ‘I Would Die if I Were Her Size’

snookiThroughout the last few months, Jessica Simpson has received a lot of negative feedback about the weight she’s gained during the course of her pregnancy. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that she’s not even safe from the scrutiny of other pregnant women. Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, who is also pregnant, slammed the Fashion Star judge for her weight at the MTV Upfronts in New York City on Thursday.

“I would die if I were her size,” Snooki told Us Weekly. “She said she indulged in everything that she wanted. I’m trying to [eat] healthy — fruits, lots of jelly and Italian ices. Nothing fattening at all.” (Um, Snook, have you ever looked at the sugar count on the side of a jam jar?) Her Shore co-star Pauly D didn’t do much to rectify the situation either, saying that Simpson looks like she’s “45 months pregnant right now!”

This seems a little harsh, no? It’s perfectly normal for a woman to gain a significant amount of weight while pregnant. And should Snooki really be commenting on another pregnant lady’s weight? Given that she’s only five months along, how does she know she won’t get that big herself when the nine-month mark hits? It’s not like she doesn’t have any experience in over-indulging when she shouldn’t (please see Jersey Shore seasons 1-5).

Seriously though, what is the world coming to when even pregnant women can’t be nice to each other about their figure? Someone’s in need of a serious Guidette time-out.


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