Snooki Gets Into a Car Accident in Italy

snookiIn an attempt to define the American holiday of Memorial Day for Italy, Snooki rear-ended a police car (that was her escort) with her car on Monday. The impact resulted in her car getting stuck between the police car and a highway wall, and two police officers even had to go to the hospital because they had whiplash and some other injuries. Deena and a crew member were in the car riding with Snooki (which apparently is even more dangerous than riding in cars with boys!), and surprisingly, MTV insisted that no alcohol was involved in the collision. People reports that Snooks wasn’t arrested for the incident, but instead was just taken down to a police station to fill out an accident report…and you know there’ll be a scene in some forthcoming Jersey Shore episode where Snooks is sitting in a police station and re-creating the accident by drawing all the vehicles involved as little meatballs with sunglasses and bomber jackets who all have three toes on each foot. 

Source: People