Snooki Gets Paid $32,000 to Speak at Rutgers University

snookiThis morning, TMZ reported the majority of the cast members of Jersey Shore haven’t signed their contracts for the show’s fourth season. They’re set to leave for Italy in a few weeks, and it seems they’re suddenly aware this gig isn’t going to last forever so they want MTV to pay them hefty sums for what could be their last season. The only person who has signed a contract is Ronnie, but he’s not the only one looking out for himself by securing his next career moves — actually, Snooki is accepting more and more offers to make public appearances, and just a few weeks ago, she was featured on WWE Raw and accepted an invitation to Wrestlemania. And this morning, we learned Rutgers University paid her $32,000 to come to their campus yesterday and talk about her hair, her moves, and her lifestyle. Her fee was paid for by the “mandatory student activity fee,” and her advice to everyone was to “study hard, but party harder.” Snooki received $2,000 more than the $30,000 the University is paying Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison to deliver the commencement address in May. Not bad for a coupla authors, though!

Source: Yahoo