Snooki Has Considered Marrying Her Boyfriend in Vegas

Snooki and her boyfriend, Jionni LaValle, certainly weren’t shy about packing on the PDA over the weekend at a Labor Day bash at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas. They’ve been together for nearly one year now, which is pretty impressive given all the drama that follows our tiny reality star around. But there is a secret to their relationship success — they admitted that they don’t watch Jersey Shore together, since all the partying/bad decisions/drama tends to cause friction between them. Snooki explained, “I try not to [watch the show together] because it just starts fights.” She continued, “I mean, obviously, with the show, it kind of sucks a little bit seeing all the drama that goes on. But we’re holding it together.” One could make the suggestion to her that she just not get involved in the drama altogether — but then MTV wouldn’t need her to be on the show, and that would leave Snooks without an income.

But don’t worry, Snooki doesn’t plan on letting anything ruin her relationship with Jionni. In fact, she’s looking for ways for them to get even closer, and the pint-sized star even said she has thought about the two of them making the trek down the aisle. Snooki commented that she and Jionni had been to Vegas once before, and teased, “This time we might be going to the chapel. I mean, it’s that serious now!” But then she backtracked a little on all the wedding talk — probably so pregnancy rumors wouldn’t start — and confessed “Well, I’m not really ready yet, but in the future: definitely!” I think I smell a MTV reality special in the making when that day does indeed come.

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Source: US