Snooki Reveals Her Baby’s Name: What This Tells Us About His Future

snookiEver since Snooki revealed to the world that she was expecting a baby boy, fans have sat and pondered the meaning of our society’s troubled existence what the offspring’s name would be. And thanks to a recent chat with USA Today, the Jersey Shore star finally revealed the name she and fiancé Jionni LaValle decided have decided on. Getting ready for the biggest news of the day, folks (Comic-Con what?) because the name of Snooki’s unborn child will be: Lorenzo.

While you attempt to control your excitement, I’ve chose to put my researching skills to poor good use by tracking down the most famous people with the name Lorenzo in the hopes of gaining insight into what Baby Lorenzo’s future holds.

Here’s what we found out…

There have been three actors and one newscaster with the name Lorenzo.

Two politicians (both Italian statesman) have donned the Lorenzo name.

One Lorenzo went on to be an Italian motor racing driver while another went on to become American preacher.

Two Italian artists have shared the name, as did one mathematician, architect, and American track and field sprinter.

A total of eight Lorenzo’s have been affiliated with the music industry, either singing, composing, or producing.

Lorenzo is also the name of a Disney film about a cat.

Based on all the evidence, it looks like Snooki’s child will most likely develop a career in the music industry (you just can’t fight statistics like that). There’s even a 1996 song called “Lorenzo” written by Phil Collins. And if there’s one thing I trust more than numbers, it’s Phil Collins.

What do you think? Will Baby Lorenzo have a successful music career? Sound off in the comments or take our fun survey below!

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