Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars are Engaged

sofia coppolaSofia Coppola and her boyfriend, Phoenix vocalist Thomas Mars, will marry each other at the Coppola family villa in Bernalda, Italy this August. The villa, called “Palazzo Margherita,” belongs to Sophia’s father, Francis Ford Coppola, and he has been renovating and rebuilding it for the past few years. Sofia met Thomas in 1999 while she was married to Spike Jonze, and together they produced the soundtrack to her movie, The Virgin Suicides. Sofia and Spike divorced in 2003 and by early 2006, she became pregnant with Mars’ child, who was born on November 28th and who they named Romy, after Sofia’s brother Roman. While continuing their business relationship and collaborating on the rest of Sofia’s films (including Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette, and Somewhere), they also welcomed a second daughter last June, and named her Cosina. In terms of who will officiate the nuptials, they went with their only choice: Sofia’s cousin, Nicolas Cage.

Source: LAT