Son Ye-Jin

Born: 01/11/1982


Actor (14)

Bimileun Eopda 2016 (Movie)


The Last Princess 2016 (Movie)

Princess Deokhye (Actor)

The Pirates 2014 (Movie)

Yeo-wol (Actor)

Blood and Ties 2013 (Movie)

Da-eun (Actor)

The Tower 2013 (Movie)


White Night 2009 (Movie)

Yoo Mi-ho (Actor)

My Wife Got Married 2008 (Movie)

Joo In-ah (Actor)

Open City 2008 (Movie)


Cheonnyeon-yeou, Yeoubi 2007 (Movie)

Voice (Actor)

Oechul 2005 (Movie)

Seo-young (Actor)

The Art of Seduction 2005 (Movie)


A Moment to Remember 2004 (Movie)

Kim Soo-Jin (Actor)

Chi-hwa-seon 2003 (Movie)

So-Woon (Actor)

The Classic 2003 (Movie)