Stan Bush

Born: 11/30/1952 in Orlando, Florida, USA


Music (8)

Good Kids 2016 (Movie)

("Never Surrender") (Song Performer)

Rich Girl 1991 (Movie)

("Love Stops the Hands of Time") (Song)

Kickboxer 1989 (Movie)

("The Streets of Siam" "Fight for Love" "Never Surrender") (Song Performer)

Bloodsport 1988 (Movie)

("Keep on Dreaming") (Song Performer)

The Wraith 1986 (Movie)


The Wraith 1986 (Movie)

("Hearts vs Heads") (Song Performer)

Transformers - The Movie 1986 (Movie)


Transformers - The Movie 1986 (Movie)

("The Touch") (Song Performer)
Editor (1)

But I'm A Cheerleader 2000 (Movie)

effects editor (Editor)
Sound (1)

Tactical Assault (TV Show)

Sound Effects Editor


Popular songs include "You Got the Touch".