Stanley Tucci Engaged To Felicity Blunt

stanley tucci and felicity bluntGood news! Stanley Tucci, a person who does everything well, all the time, day or night, regardless of if anyone bought doughnuts, just got engaged to Felicity Blunt! Obviously Stanley must have met Felicity through her famous actress sister, Emily Blunt (since he and Emily co-starred in 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada) — and this news clarifies just how sometimes, it’s in your best interest to take your sister’s word for it and meet a guy she likes but doesn’t like for herself.

Previously, Tucci was married to Kate Tucci, for 14 years. Tragically, Kate passed away in 2009 from breast cancer, leaving behind three children: Isabel, Nicolo, and Camilla. After the loss, Tucci told NPR of the experience, “There’s all this blaming of yourself, which you can’t do, but you kind of do, and I’m just — I’m mostly sad. I’m sad for Kate that she can’t be here, and I’m sad for my children that they didn’t have the opportunity to spend more time with her because she was an extraordinary person.” And while I don’t doubt Felicity is her own kind of extraordinary, hopefully she extraordinarily knows that we will all be furious at her if she in any way harms our Tucci.

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