Stefan Zweig


Writer (9)

A Promise 2014 (Movie)

(from novel: "Journey Into the Past") (Source Material)

Letter From an Unknown Woman 2004 (Movie)

(from novel: "Letters From an Unknown Woman") (Source Material)

24 Hours in the Life of a Woman 2003 (Movie)

(Source Material (from novel))

Burning Secret 1988 (Movie)

from short story("Brennendes Geheimnis") (From Story)

Die Schachnovelle 1959 (Movie)

(From Story)

Fear 1955 (Movie)

(Source Material (from novel))

Letter From an Unknown Woman 1948 (Movie)

("Brief einer Unbekannten") (From Story)

Beware of Pity 1945 (Movie)

(Source Material (from novel))

Marie Antoinette 1937 (Movie)

(Book as Source Material)