Stephen Colbert’s Twitterbot Wins the Internet: Twitter Roundup

Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert twitterbotScott Gries/PictureGroup

Have you acquainted yourself with some Real Human Praise? If not, you’re just a click away from arguably the greatest Twitter feed on the internet. Earlier this month, Stephen Colbert decided to create a Twitter account called @RealHumanPraise that, with the use of an algorithm, spouts off praise for Fox News every 2 minutes. The Twitterbot, designed by Colbert Report‘s staff writer Rob Dubbin, takes glowing film reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and inserts the names of Fox News anchors and segments in place of the films and actors’ names. The results make for some hilariously poetic tweets that sound like what John Keats would be reciting if he was held hostage by a Republican brainwashing operative. The tweets have always been brilliant, but this weekend the Twitterbot was in fine form, spitting out some of its funniest tweets yet. Praise Fox, indeed.