Stephenie Meyer on ‘Breaking Dawn’ Birth: Celeb-Speak

ALTThe third Twilight movie just came out and we’re already busy chatting about the fourth and fifth movies? What kind of greedy little bastards are we?

In any case, Twilight author and Mormon with self-described “straitlaced” values, Stephenie Meyer, is giving us hints as to what we can expect from the scene where Bella gives birth to Edward’s disgusting faux-human-but-you-should-have-known-better, homegirrrrl! baby.

At the Los Angeles premiere last week, Meyer said “I’d love to have the birth scene be every bit as awful — I know it freaked people out, but for those of us who have been through childbirth a couple times, it is a scary, terrifying experience.”

Terrifying, sure…but also rewarding and awesome and the best thing ever, no? My guess is it’ll probably be like the birth scene in The Miracle of Life, that movie about birth you watched in 9th grade biology… but so much worse because Meyer hates sex and other things that make us go bump and grind in the night. Meyer herself admits to being scared when she had her son, so it’s obvious she’ll take Bella’s happy moment and use it to instill fear in the viewers by making it something out of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She can try all she wants… but if Bella relented, how can she expect us not to?

Source: MTV