Steve Carell, Jane Lynch & More Give 2012 Commencement Speeches — VIDEO

Steve Carell, Jane Lynch & More Give 2012 Commencement Speeches — VIDEO

steve carellAs the end of another school year comes to a close, college graduates can look forward to sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the wonders of unemployment, wondering how much longer they have until their unpaid loans start kicking in (that grace period sure does go by quick). But before that joyous day of adulthood occurs, many schools recruit some of Hollywood’s finest stars to come and give sage advice to the bevy of young hopefuls as they prepare to embark on that bittersweet journey we call life.

Sure, you’ve got your cap, gown, and diploma, but it’s the commencement speeches that you’ll remember the most, especially if Steve Carell is involved. The well-known comedic actor gave a commencement speech to the 2012 grads of Princeton college earlier today, providing them with some words of encouragement, and, of course, a significant amount of laughter.

It may be hard (that’s what she said) to say goodbye to college friends, but a few kind words from Carell — and the numerous other Hollywood celebs who have given speeches this spring — is enough to make any graduation a joyous day to remember.

Steve Carell at Princeton College

Though Michael Scott would’ve turned his speech into an on-going joke of “that’s what she said,” Carell’s message was a little more thought-provoking than that. His delivery was anything but stiff and he left the crowd seemingly satisfied. You know you’re all thinking the same thing right now.

Andy Samberg at Harvard

The SNL star recently spoke to Harvard’s new grads on May 23. Obviously, there was going to be quite a bit of humor is his 20-minute speech, but the comedic actor also managed to fit in a few impressions along the way, including ones of Nicolas Cage, Mark Zuckerberg, and Mark Wahlberg. There was also some singing involved, naturally.

Jane Lynch at Smith College

Well known funny lady, Jane Lynch, managed to make her speech at Smith College both hilarious and heartfelt — with a little Sue Sylvester thrown in between.

James Franco at UT Arlington

James Franco took some time out of his normally hectic schedule to visit UT Arlington and give the students some sage advice about graduating…or rather a hilarious egg analogy. Either way, he was nice to look at.

Next: How’s your social network?Aaron Sorkin at Syracuse University

Aaron Sorkin delivered a wonderful commencement speech to the graduates of SU, but got caught using recycled material from a speech he gave at the school back in 1997. You know the educational system is getting strict when you can’t even plagiarize your own material anymore.

Katie Couric at University of Virginia

Katie Couric gave a great one-liner to the class of the University of Virginia when she spoke of her departure from CBS: “Some said I lacked ‘gravitas,’ which I’ve since decided is Latin for ‘testicles.’” Ay, caramba!

Oprah Winfrey at Spelman University

Oprah Winfrey does what she does best and gave an empowering speech to the Spelman University graduates, telling them to be true to themselves and always try to do the right thing. But know all their thinking about is the fact that OPRAH is standing right in front of them!

President Obama at Barnard College

The students at Barnard College got quite the patriotic treatment when President Obama delivered the commencement address at their school. Can the rest of the world be jealous that these grads stood in the presence of the nation’s leader? Yes We Can!


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