Steve Hinton

Born: 04/02/1952


Physical Effects (7)

The Aviator 2004 (Movie)

(Stunt Performer)

Six Days, Seven Nights 1998 (Movie)

fixed wing stunt pilot(aviation unit) (Stunts)

Drop Zone 1994 (Movie)

stunt pilot(Aerial & crew) (Stunts)

Folks! 1992 (Movie)

stunt pilot (Stunts)

Number One With a Bullet 1987 (Movie)


Steal the Sky (TV Show)


War and Remembrance (TV Show)

Actor (1)

The Rocketeer 1991 (Movie)

Airshow Pilot (Actor)
Other (16)

Iron Man 2008 (Movie)


Quantum of Solace 2008 (Movie)

Marchetti Pilot(Aerial Unit) (Pilot)

Valkyrie 2008 (Movie)

P-40 Pilot(Additional Photography) (Pilot)

The Rundown 2003 (Movie)


We Were Soldiers 2002 (Movie)

(aerial unit) (Pilot)

Pearl Harbor 2001 (Movie)


The Bubble Boy 2001 (Movie)

Steadman pilot(aerial unit) (Pilot)

Disney's The Kid 2000 (Movie)

bi-plane pilot(aerial unit) (Pilot)

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle 2000 (Movie)

biplane pilot(aerial unit) (Pilot)

Speed 2: Cruise Control 1997 (Movie)


Aces: Iron Eagle III 1992 (Movie)

Spitfire pilot(aerial unit) (Pilot)

Forever Young 1992 (Movie)

B-25 pilot(aerial unit) (Pilot)

Die Hard 2: Die Harder 1990 (Movie)


Always 1989 (Movie)

picture plane pilot (Pilot)